What do I get with a ClusterHAT?

ClusterHAT package contents The standard ClusterHAT package contains:

  • 1x ClusterHAT PCB*
  • 4x 12mm M2.5 standoff
  • 8x 6mm M2.5 screw
  • 4x stick on foot
  • USB Cable*

(* PCB/LED/USB Cable colour may vary)

What else do I need to use the ClusterHAT?

ClusterHAT not provided

  • 1x Controller Raspberry Pi (A+/B+/B2/B3)
  • 1-4x Raspberry Pi Zero (1.2/1.3/W)
  • 2-5x Micro SD memory card
  • Pi Power Supply (2-2.5A capable)
  • Network Cable / WiFi dongle / etc.

(* PCB/LED/USB Cable colour may vary)

The ClusterHAT will work with most models of Raspberry Pi (as above) but please be aware the Raspberry Pi 3 may reduce the CPU speed when hot which may happen with high CPU usage with or without a HAT. A 20cm (or longer) USB cable (Type A plug to Micro-B plug) is required to connect the ClusterHAT to the Controller Pi USB port. The Controller and each Zero requires a Micro SD card (8GB or bigger recommended). A power supply capable of supplying 2 Amps is recommended (2.5A when using a Pi 3).

Hardware Assembly

Disconnect the Pi from all sources of power (USB Power/HDMI/USB Peripherals/etc.) before connecting the ClusterHAT.

  • Attach the 4x standoffs to the Controller Raspberry Pi with the supplied screws
  • Place the ClusterHAT on top of the Controller Pi
  • Secure the ClusterHAT to the Controller Pi using 4 screws
  • Connect the USB cable between Controller Pi and ClusterHAT
  • Plug 1-4 Raspberry Pi Zero into the ClusterHAT
Removing a Raspberry Pi Zero from the ClusterHAT

Care must be taken when connecting/disconnecting Pi Zero from the ClusterHAT as excessive force may damage the ClusterHAT connectors and/or Pi Zero.

To remove the Pi Zero we advise securely holding the Controller/ClusterHAT with one hand and then using the thumb and index finger of the other hand to gently pull the Pi Zero from the socket.